Bob's Baby robots Poop the werld01:07

Bob's Baby robots Poop the werld

baby robots were hired to destroy the werld


the poop protest

1 b.b is the start of the Scary Doodie Uncreepe Era

history! taime line

- bob wuz borned into the werld

-bob maed the werld grater by placing a poo that made the world smell

- many years after a rebellion, THE GREAT POOP PROTEST started to remove the poo. bob died he pooped on the major cities : Aactualyl Creppyoplis , Koopadopiedos , dinoland USA , everyone died of the EVIL GAS and the doodies got eextinct cuz dey r poopies too. this is kalled the Major Doodie Merder Akt and all the doodies died. it wuz illegal too poop poo on the everywheres. so bathrums wer uzeles

( corectshuinz : poo poo wuz mead legal in duyh year 2016 b.b


it wuz on de place called chairlandia

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