Missing number that says no

Missing noes can be found on Creepymon Island. He is creepy as heock. HE travels from your hidious underdeveloped bad grammr ghasxz Game boi and eats up your EGGSBOX. Everyone thinks he's cool but very bad things happen. Look at these horrible things Massing nu causes. People made a creepy pasta about him but all he does is make your face look crazy like Halo 4 people.

Even the SCP contains Massign No but the glitch thing breaks the ugly window Dr. Scp Man insists should exist!!!!


IT HAS GOT ON HALO (good for CoD!)


The world of GlitchyWerld


Missing no's babies

Mussing Nombr also created a land called Glitchy Werld against our weel. He constructed it out of pure evil. He took over Gmod because nobody loves Gary anymore. D:


Pikachu battled with mASSING NU

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