Chair maed and flown 2 outer space01:03

Chair maed and flown 2 outer space


car driving for no reason

this is the world UNCREEPE IS on

geography6!!!!!!!!! +

it is a planet located in the tiny universe of uncreepia. 

the Chairples live here. dey hate dem furry tings.


Man of Evil Donuts created uncreepee wikia  and destined bob to make america great again. it failed and he wuz kiked out of sony he had a spazm. so he got all what was of uncreepee and put it on a chair. he joined Toshiba and launched the chair into the rest of the internereet

- lief begins

-cheep plastic asteroids hit planet launched by sony

lots of cheep people ded

- great world begins

{-999999 b.b}

{1 B.B}

-bob born

- The grate poop protest , when peeples complained when bob pooped on the wrld dey explosded and had a giant spaz causing the GREAT SPAZ DETHS OF SPAZM

- lulcat visitors :

the werld wuz scratched by the lulcat in deh LULCAT EXPLOSIHSUN OF DETH!

- the furries came and pooped on it. the president, Barack O Chairdude sworn to destroy tingys weth fur cuz dey ugly.

- modern day : 2016 b.b

the space age maed peeples go to space. They went to the rest of the internet.

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