Toilet seat monsters act like toilet and get sat on01:23

Toilet seat monsters act like toilet and get sat on

the monsters dont live in toilets, they look like dem,

Gm construct0051

this guy fainted of the smelly

pls why is there a heading here

jurrasic siz - the horror EXPLANATION!!#!#!

this movie haz 1 percent horror

explanation : the dinosaurs are scary toilet seat monsters who SEEK TO DESTROY MAN KIND! they like to pertend they r toilet 4 fun and dey get sat on when they go poo poo in the restroom. the creatures are slime things and 99 percent of their body is a huge butt, so only the face sticks out of their toilet seat neck.

other scary!!!!!

the mom is in the movie. it scares u. it lives in a canadian marshmallow stand.

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