Cat scratches major city of PoOBLA Dalah, armies have declawed it00:33

Cat scratches major city of PoOBLA Dalah, armies have declawed it.-0


Cat on fence

he is evil

Thee lulkit explushun of deth is what happened too da cities of uncreepee

Da invashun

It was a dark and stormy night.

Dank memes were in the air

I inhaled them

and then the claw

killed mah moommies houze

i crai

            - Dankster 0419415

0mg bruh ok mann kek top kek memes and plus dere wuz huge catz everywheres m8 i tri noscope but they r HAX mODE. so mah neighbor who waters his lawn infinitely who lives in a giant crap was like OMG and den the kats scratched his face of earth. his house lawn and crap got stuck in the giant katz toenail and he wuz okie so dat m8 god stuk in duh toenal and drank mtn due had nice lief


the lulcat extermination

The 58210956916108561-571=15919517=01+#1412=25=51=51335151+45213552313513561561th

bridgade splurted water on the cats and they ded. so ye

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