Slander dood man wuz borne on the yer 1 B.B (before bob). He was the ugliest thing that ever existed. One day TOILET PAPER flew into his HIDIOUZ FAZE and then the TOLET PAPEr was unfortunately 99999 absorbent (it cleans people butt's off their body) called To1337 p4p3r. It absorbed his ugly face off and some guy spilled Poot Paste on him and it made him the color wh1t3. 9999999 Internet jerks took pictures of him and posted him on Faze Book and said lol he has no face dey dont belong heeRE1! Then he hid in a forest later called Freaking Tall FOrest witch was short since -1 B.B . They took peectures of him with NEEKOB 2 (failed camera licsense).


slender being chased by citizens

Slender has been chased by 9999999 ugly people a day. In fact he has 0 fans and 999999999 haters and 9999999999999 dislikes on U a tube. HE killed 1 person but he was actually a DONUT and if you kill DONUTS you are rank Ultra NEgative -999999999 on all games.

He actually made a hit and got 99999999999 ollars by selling his movie Frozen Ugly Faze. But Ollars were illegal so he got shot by 15 nerd Gooners.


why are you here he has no family

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