Smile Doge THE EVIL DOGE!!!!!!!!

Smile Doge is very evil. he once put a whoopiee cushion on Chika's Toilet and Breeba Dablee got trapped and drowned for 10 seconds. Chikas ded body was at the scene. Freedy revived her with a ratchet. But, Freedy wasn't a licensed doctor and Chika turned into a poptart. She had to go to Poptart Wiki to find out the reverse spell.

tha reported scene

Smile Doge is known for his evilness. He smiles at u and then your eyeballs go out and hug Smile Doge becuz he is cute!!!! Then the eyeballs go back into you, but you are blind, cuz the eyeballs r hairy! EW!

Case 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999001

officers were sent to the scene. A dog was reported killing children and people. He dragged the bodies into a ditch. The officers came closer with the guns. THEN!!!!!!!!

DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ded people came alive again and laughed at the officers. Smile Doge is a great prankhipster. The so called ded people stole their guns and ate them. They burnt the officers hairs and made a gun on a stick roast. The officers were poopy mad. They blew up into tiny babies and did HampsterDance.

Selfie doge smile

Smile Doge hangs out with his friends. He is really a nice doge.


lols!!!!!!!! SMILE DOGE SMILE!!!!!!!

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