Poop dumped on rebel homes

Poop dumped on rebel homes

Poo poo dumped on rebels


ancient poo poo with bread crumbs

a great revolution over the 2000 years of bob's smelly rule.

the rebeliion

the rebels spazzed all over bob's poo poo dump, that he dumped on top of the werld. but den bob took his butt guns and pooped all over them. pooper troopers came and buried rebels under big piles of crap. To assure dat no rebellion will happen, they took all teh sitizens and buried dem in crap piles. EW sed dem. peeple died cuz of the bad smell.

the bob poop army rallied up with furries. dey died becuz bob sprayed poop on them to mak sure dey wuz 1000 percent authentic. den dey licked the poop of and ded from chlorea.

rebels WEENE!1

they rallied up with the  Donut army and murdered Bob's Poop Sprayers. they won!! they  tried to kill bob with his own poop stuff, but he was invincible to poop and they shipped him off to furryworld. he broke out cuz every1 knows wat furry sheeping is, so he blew up the sheep and ded.

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