Fnaf the ugliest game ever

In fnaf you are the fat guy from Jurrasic Siz. Ugly animapoopics try to kill you. They are so ugly they destroy the whole thing called CULTURE. Communists are the only safe ones! The game is made big Scoff Coffin. He is really ded and people scoff at him. Then they quack like Breeba Dablee. All you do is sit in a chair. Then things come for you but Robots are slow so they fall over and the game is over. Then they jump at you but get stuck on the Overhead fan and are flung into the land of Stototot.


only small children support fnaf

How is it real? nobody nows


real game footage

Real game food! just kidding hahah


bonny the sassy bunny he is being run over.

Horrible Character #1 : Bonny the Frokey

Bonny is not a bunny but he is an ugly species called a Frokey. It's look is said to make things die because of it's ugly stare but it blows up all of a sudden and all is left is an AdvertizmEEnt advertIIZING modto the ugly comopany. He has been Cheesed 999 times by Kid Kidder Corp because you are skerwed by a skewer. They say the gang leader is Freddy but they are not a gang and say fooofofofo! and tear eachother's ugly heads. Ugly fans say he is the leader but he is just a flying hobo. But if he flies he lands on an operating fan and bloes with bloes.


fnaf fans against other horror games

Horrible character #2: your moma da fredie R U REDDY FOR FREDIE

People say freddy is the leeder of dem all. He is really ugly. That's why nobody likes him except his ugly freindly frandles, the Threee Horrid Mosketters. He is really a french fry. His backstory is that he was involved in a car crash. He was on a chair and laughed at people when the crashed. The good thing was that the crash was really a Mikel Bae movie and he blew up. He was going to become a really kool cyborg, but General Grevious took the last cool ones and he took the ugly horrible looking Cyborg thing for 999999$ dollars. Grevious got his for a nickel. His cyborgian thing is really disfunctional and parts fall on the floor because he looks ugly.


ugly pbs suit and uglier real one


freds ugly body



the evil friends that burn your soul. they are not really friends of freddy and blow up freds (freds friends)



no u

chika the ugly pbs kids show chikn

peeps think chika is relly creepy and neds to eat because she is a fat ugly hungry mofo. she really is very poor and works for pbs and has 2 ugly mofo costumes. the pbs one she got from da trash CAN. THE OTHER1 fred bunred at turned into a shroom. then shroom become custumo!1!! people become really happy when they see her because they want to tear out her living ugly soul. she lives in the local freddy nazi bear pizza rea toilet. people poop all over her and when the poop gets on her face she welll OAOAOAAAAAhHHHh. she makes serious butt rashes on your butt by putting Legal Glucerienotitis which gives people rashes and also turns your but to PURE UGLINES.

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