Welcome to the UnCreepy Wikia - A cool comedy to make horror into comedy!

freaking topic here!!!!!!!Uncreepy Wikia is a place where we destroy horror game fandoms. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Our Journey is to make horror fandoms not scary. (and more funny and less "omg its real cuz rumor") This is also what you get when you combine 5 year olds, comedy, and CreepyPasta. Don't forget you should be on Chairlandia

Like comedy?! Feel free to contribute!

Here's mah coolest topic:

Scary Video Turned Out To Be Funny - TheDesiStuff00:55

Scary Video Turned Out To Be Funny - TheDesiStuff


Dat video over there might explain what we're doing.

we also have the unoffical cringe award

we need some mrbeast and dabbing going on for duh cringe level



Cringiest WIKI 2016

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